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Welcome to Rainbow Fairies Child Care Center

First, let me welcome you warmly at nursery Rainbow Fairies . In 2005 I came across this picture on the Internet and since then he’s with me. Recently I found out who this picture made include: Margaret Tarrant. She lived from 1888 to 1959. This image completely reflects the vision of Rainbow Fairies off.

As a small and independent (private) nursery, we can provide a personal, cozy and warm atmosphere, partly because we know all the children and accompanying parents better and this is also true the other way around. 

We are a new nursery accommodation at this time, there is enough place for your children any day! Our location is really great! We are on a closed area with a lot of green space around us. our garden is 130m2 big as we need, according to the GCD but 48m2 . Also,

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What we do

Who are we and why should you choose us?

My name is Esther Borsje , after more than 27 years of experience in childcare, I decided that the time has come was itself set up a nursery. In addition to regular education for the child, I followed a anthroposophic education in 2010/2012. In the years that I have worked I have seen and learned. From that experience, I know what I can, but do not want to Rainbow Fairies. Besides my experience in regular child I spent several years in a childcare anthroposophic been in charge. I felt the love and the peace that I missed elsewhere often (this vision we combine this with that of Emmi Pikler) That hurried, all that plastic toys, all those bright colors and all the incentives, not to hear my view, not when little child. We want your child calm and regularity but also offer security in a stimulus poor home environment. With lots of wooden toys, soft colors and natural materials. But with honest and nutritious food and drink. Where possible we eat and drink organic.

We work with one vertical group of up to 16 children and to rate the number of teachers. Our team is still growing but consists of a number of pedagogical staff including myself. Everyone has the background a child-centered education. All staff members share our vision. In addition to the graduate teachers will regularly interns and / or volunteers in the group are present. Consider eg once a reading grandma! These interns or volunteers provide extra attention. All of our employees are screened and have a certificate of good conduct. At least 1x per year, we do team building and / or training to make our team even stronger and vakbekwamer.

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